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Cypress Lake High School
Center for the Arts
  6740 Panther Lane 
 Ft. Myers, FL 33919
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A technology education conference, geekTEC is an opportunity for technology-minded people of all ages to find out more about what they love to do.
Energy Harness Corporation

Technology Business and Education
Southwest Florida
Regional Technology Partnership presents…
TECHmatch 2012
An evening of interaction between business and students.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012    5:30
Edison Collegiate High School - Host sponsor.
8099 College Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33919
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geekTEC April 10 and 11, 2014
Technology students and SW Florida technology professionals talk about applied science at geekTEC, Saturday, April 14 at Cypress Lake High School. Student TV producers and volunteers move a wind turbine developed by Michael Fischer(right) of Energy Harness Corporation and LED Conversion into position at the Center for the Arts courtyard for interview background and display as part of the live 7-hour webcast.
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geekTEC Features Wind Turbines,LED Lighting, Solar Power, Industry Experts, Hands-on Skills
1. 9:35 Gordon Gair and Matt Hurley --
The Beginning of geekTEC
2. 2:40 Brian Hamman, CenturyLink,  Gigawatt Sponsor
3. 1:30 Danielle Shrapiro,
Cypress Lake High School
4. 14:30 Dr. Mike Nelson,
Hodges University
5. 1:30 Deb Kilpatrick and Sharon Harrington, Supervisor of Elections
6. 1:07 Chris Kelly,
Dunbar High School
7. 2:50 Dean Smith and Allen Terry,   Lockheed Martin, ACE-IT Program
8. 16:00 Al Ball and Chip McElroy,
Hodges University
9. 1:23 Jeri MacArthur,
geekTEC Volunteer
10. 4:20 Caprice Woodburn,
Florida Virtual School
Segment 1 geekTEC April 14, 2012

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